Emma by Jane Austen.

Barnes & Nobles Classics series

In an effort to read all the free Barnes & Nobles Classics series books I got for my Nook ages ago, I joined a group on Goodreads devoted to reading the classics.  This is one of their picks for April.  Yes, I know, it is still March, but I like to get things out of my way, and so I did.

This is my first time reading Jane Austen.  It was OK.  Not good, not bad, just OK.  It was just a little too high brow, too upper class, too slow, but not enough to totally kill it for me.  I was engaged just enough to finish it.

There were times I wanted to scream: Come out with it already.  I understand this is part of the “stiff upper lip” upper class British culture, but still.  Speak straight and to the point. Stop beating around the bush.

I guess I don’t have much to say about the book.  Other than, don’t play the role of a matchmaker.