A Man Came Out of a Door in the Mountain

by Adrianne Harun (audiobook)

This is the first book I gave up on since I started blogging.  I made a decision that if a book doesn’t catch me in any way, I would give up on it without regret.  I use to slaved through books I absolutely hated.  But life is too short to keep reading horrible books.  Life is too short to read all you want.

I can tell that this was an atmospheric novel, where the setting plays an important part of the story.  This is one aspect of writing I love.  But nothing seemed to be really happening, nothing to really hook me, within the first hour of the audiobook.  I started to stop paying attention to the characters moving in and out of the story within the hour.  So, I decided to give up.

Maybe I will try it again, when I am relatively caught up with my pile (OK, maybe never), but for now, it’s on my “gave-up” pile.